You wouldn't build a house without foundations....why would your marketing be any different?

For the micro business owners, solopreneurs and wanapreneurs, Pepperpot Marketing helps you to navigate the crazy world of small business.

So how can we help?  

Well we like to keep things simple here, first we have carefully crafted a 12 week brand transformation program that gets the fundamentals in place and stops you wasting time and money on marketing that is going nowhere. Then we offer tips, tools, inspiration and the occasional rant through ‘Confessions of a Small Business Owner’ because let’s face it, we’re all in this together and sometimes it’s damn hard. And thirdly, we offer accountability and ‘kick your arse’ services because the biggest problem in small business today is not a lack of ideas, it’s a lack of action.

Yes, there’s then the usual consulting and marketing strategy stuff if you want it but we know that if you’re reading this, it’s probably the first time you’ve visited the site and let’s be honest, you don’t know us yet so why would you jump straight to the ‘deep’ stuff!?

12 Week Brand Transformation Program

All the marketing in the world is not going to get you anywhere if your brand fundamentals are not right. Get clear on your product, your customers and your unique message in the market.

Confessions of a Small Business Owner

Get tips, tools, general musings and the occasional rant with the weekly-ish blog ‘Confessions of a Small Business Owner’ – because you know what, we’re all in it together!

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Stop obsessing over your logo

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Love for Pepperpot Marketing...

Jill & I have been working through your Brand transformation program every week & have found it extremely valuable to our business & so interesting!! It’s amazing when you’re asked the right questions & have to write it down, how much you actually learn about your business & the product you are selling. We now have a clear view of our target market, of what were aiming to achieve & what we also hope for our clients to gain from being part of Lifefit. Your program enabled us to see where we’re sitting in regards to our competition & without doing this task we were just guessing . We really did learn so much about our business through this program Kerry, & really looking forward to putting everything into practice & continuing with what we’ve learnt. It’s also great that we have all the information for Reference. Many Thanks! Jill & Kerry

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