it's time to think different

Are you a solopreneur, wanapreneur or small business owner who is serious about making your venture a success?

With more and more small businesses setting up shop than ever before it’s no longer enough just to ‘be’ in business. But how do you stand out? How do you get ahead of the competition, and how do you stop wasting valuable time and money on marketing that’s not going to go anywhere? The answer, you need to build a brand not just a business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program gives you the ultimate foundation on which to grow your small business and achieve your dreams.


There is so much ‘noise’ out there now you need to stand out and be noticed? The 12 Week Brand Transformation Program takes you through the essential steps to create a stand-out brand strategy  All too often steps are missed to really understand how, what, and why you do what you do and without them your business is never going to cut through the clutter.


12 weeks, 12 modules, delivered directly to the inbox with easy to action steps that get the fundamentals in place to build a truly winning business formula.


Just sign up to the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program below and you can start building your brand today with the first module delivered immediately to your inbox. 12 weeks, 12 modules for just $297!


Subscription to 12 Week Brand Transformation Program plus subscription to Confessions of a Small Business Owner Get the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program now for just $297 

Don’t get left behind

What’s included in the program?

Module 1

Understand why, in order to have a stand out brand you need to start thinking way beyond logos

Module 2

Discover your true ‘why’ and how knowing this already puts you well ahead of the competition

Module 3

Explore what you actually ‘do’ – sound simple? It’s not! But this can be a complete game changer

Module 4

Deep dive into what problems you actually solve and why anyone should care?

Module 5

Learn how to talk to your customers in the most effective way so that selling becomes effortless

Module 6

Uncover the key pain points to dramatically increase your conversion rates

Module 7

Discover the power of buyer personas and how by nailing them you make your marketing investment far more effective

Module 8

Learn how to find gaps in the market so you can be different to everyone else

Module 9

Find out how one key statement can give you clarity and definition for all of your future business and marketing decisions

Module 10

Did you know that your brand has its own personality? Learn how to tap into this so your customers can’t help but love you

Module 11

Uncover the values that make you unique and how to channel them into a world-class small business

Module 12

Learn how to bring it all together so that you build a stand-out brand and achieve your dreams

Weekly modules with quick action items

Videos to explain each of the topics in more detail

Building to a full working brand strategy


Subscription to 12 Week Brand Transformation Program plus subscription to Confessions of a Small Business Owner Get the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program now for just $297 

♥ for the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program

Before completing the 12 Week Brand Transformation from Pepperpot Marketing, I was struggling with really knowing the direction for my business, looking back now I know I had lost my vision and was just moving from project to project with being clear on my audience and what I was offering. The program was fantastic! It was easy to follow, the bite-sized chunks meant that I actually followed the program each week rather than ‘hiding’ it for when I had more time and never to complete it. I had so many lightbulb moments and I came out of the other end with clarity, purpose and a renewed lease of life for my business. Rebecca McPhee

Founder, The Cultured Nutritionist

What I love most about this program is it’s simple. And not simple in terms of basic but simple in terms of being delivered in bite-sized chunks with each module building on the last and action items that could be done there and then. Each week I knew the next module would be delivered and I could complete it and move on rather than so many programs you sign up for and then never complete because you get an overload of information. Maiya Kenny

Founder, Healing Steps

Jill & I have been working through your Brand transformation program every week & have found it extremely valuable to our business & so interesting!! It’s amazing when you’re asked the right questions & have to write it down, how much you actually learn about your business & the product you are selling. We now have a clear view of our target market, of what were aiming to achieve & what we also hope for our clients to gain from being part of Lifefit. Your program enabled us to see where we’re sitting in regards to our competition & without doing this task we were just guessing . We really did learn so much about our business through this program Kerry, & really looking forward to putting everything into practice & continuing with what we’ve learnt. It’s also great that we have all the information for Reference. Many Thanks! Jill & Kerry

Owners, Lifefit