Clutter and mess can lead to increased stress and anxiety – the 7 Day Business Detox Challenge will put you back in control and feeling calmer and more organised to tackle what’s ahead.

Despite all good intentions, if you build a house without foundations, it’s not going to stand up. The same is true in our businesses. All too often we try and ‘run before we can walk’ and become increasingly stressed and overwhelmed. Our great ideas get put into the ‘too hard’ basket, we become too busy to capitalise properly on great opportunities and get more and more stressed out.

Unless the ‘house has  been cleaned’ first – our great ideas, goals and new initiatives will never succeed as much as they could have done had the right preparation been put in place first. The 7 Day Business Detox Challenge is not a program to teach you how to plan, strategise or develop the goals…no, it’s a simple, easy-to-action ‘challenge’ to get rid of the clutter and the mess that naturally accumulates in all small business to give you the right mindset, energy and foundation to go ahead and smash your goals.

7 Days, 7 Mini Challenges, $7, Simple!

What is the 7 Day Business Detox Challenge

7 days, 7 emails a new ‘mini challenge’ each day designed to tackle one key area of the business that can easily get out of control. If you ‘play along at home’ then by the end of the week you’ll be organised, de-stressed, calm and have the right framework in place to tackle your next goals. This is not designed as a business overhaul, this is designed to bring order and consistency to the areas that easily get messy and tangled and leave us with more stress and anxiety than we need. It’s the best way to reset, recharge and give ourselves a boost!

Why $7?

How often have you entered in your details to receive a worksheet / checklist / 4-part whatever series and then never even opened the emails let alone consumed the information? $7 is an amount that we can all afford to invest in our businesses whether just starting out or having been in business for years. By putting an amount on the 7 Day Business Detox challenge, psychologically because you’ve paid for it, you’re more likely to open and action it. And I really want you to action it because I know the huge benefits that you’ll get by being calm and organised! So – the amount is nominal but the likelihood of you completing your challenge is increased!

Why 7 Days?

This is not a meaty business program requiring lots of thought or preparation – it’s a quick ‘let’s do this’ – 7 days, 7 key areas of the business to tackle which will leave you feeling more organised and more in control.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the ‘start detoxing button’ to sign up and look out for the first email to arrive in your inbox!