For anyone who’s read more than a couple of Confessions of a Small Business Owner articles you’ll have probably realised that, despite being published by a marketing company (Pepperpot Marketing) and more, specifically one that is focused on building solid brand strategy, there’s not a lot of articles on brand and marketing.

Yes, there are some odd articles on brand pillars, positioning statements and the colour psychology of logos etc. but these are outweighed by the articles around mindset and personal growth strategy.


Because I personally believe, if you don’t get your mindset right it doesn’t matter what you do in your business – it will fail.

Business fails through inadequate mindset

The statistics around small business failure vary but are compelling – 95% failing in the first 5 years is a number often thrown around. Why is this? Well yes, there’s the cashflow issues or unsustainable business models etc. but more reason than any of that is down to mindset.

Can you grow enough as a person and can you cope with the incredible highs and lows of running your own business?

Each stage of business development requires you to reinvent yourself. To push the comfort zone. To shed the thought patterns of the previous stage and grow into the new ones.

Your business will often grow faster than you and if you’re not prepared for this – prepared for the new mindset that needs to be developed, this is actually the point and the reason that business owners will falter (I know this first hand).

How to create a new mindset

This recognition that business acumen was only taking clients so far and that mindset is key led me to study a lot about the area, gain some further qualifications and take past learnings from working in an organisation focused on behaviour change to create new models.

…and then!…this all resulted in creating a separate company (The Momentum Architects) dedicated to performance development and enhancing our true potential.

Creating a new mindset first requires a deeper self awareness of who you are and how you naturally think, feel and behave. Once you know how you approach things, you can begin to understand how to take yourself up a gear.

It’s everything that we’re going to be talking about at the Momentum Life Project experience. An intimate, immersive workshop day focused on life design on Sat 16th March in the beautiful Shellharbour (about 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney). We’ll be laying these foundations strongly by getting everyone to take the CliftonStrengths assessment a key behavioural tool that we, at The Momentum Architects use with all of our organisational clients to quickly hack a deeper understanding of self which becomes the foundations for shifting mindsets and exponential personal growth!

There’s still a couple of spots left – if you’re ready for business growth – don’t let your mindset hold you back! Come and join us and prepare for your next level.


Love your work!

Kerry xoxo


Kerry Dover

Kerry Dover

Chief Brand Strategist

Kerry Dover (was Kerry Chick) is a stressed out business owner who, in her head runs a super streamlined, beautifully efficient, well-oiled machine of a business. The reality is a little different….here are her confessions!

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