This time last year, I published a post on the benefits of retreating.

I had returned from the first Ziva Life Collective Retreat and was buzzing to say the least.

Well – I had the privilege of being involved again this year and I’ve reposted the original article below as it serves as such an amazing record of how far can you go in 12 months.

Last year, I was sceptical about the benefits, this year I embraced the experience with open arms.

Last year, I was still grappling with the concepts of meditation and being able to sit still long enough – ‘like seriously, there’s so much that can be done while everyone is sitting around and focusing on breathing!’…while my meditation practice is far from fully evolved – it’s certainly come a long way in a year and I am reaping the benefits.

Last year I was still in the mindset that a whole weekend at Ziva was simply adding to the pile of things that were needing to get done. This year, I embrace the realisation that to really go forward we have to step back.

Indeed as I was pondering this follow-up article, I was questioning the word ‘retreat’ – which of course suggests going backwards. To me, it should be called a recharge or a renewal as far from going backwards, taking this time out catapults us forward with a new found force.

(And…as it so happens, I also came across a blog post from Seth Godin shortly after that says this very same thing – instead of retreat, he calls it an advance!)

Anyway – whatever doubts in my mind last year have been completely and definitively removed this time around and jeez – I cannot wait for the next one!

Repost of original article:

A few weeks ago I was involved in organising and running the inaugural Ziva Life Collective Retreat. This is an innovative stance on retreating (and I can’t WAIT for you to hear about another spin off of this in the pipeline for next year).

But what are the benefits of retreating? Why should we do it? Why’s it important to take time out and disconnect? And what the hell is the Ziva Life Collective?

Retreating – really?

I have to admit, I was a sceptic – this retreat was a blend of neuroscience and spirituality designed to bring on next level thinking.

I’ve been to more business seminars / growth summits / industry conferences than I can possible remember. I’m also hugely interested and passionate about unlocking true potential so have spent countless hours (and SO much money) learning about various topics falling under the banner of personal development…but I’d never been to a true retreat before.

I had visions of being locked in a ‘downward dog’ the whole weekend

The thought filled me with dread – I had visions of being locked in a ‘downward dog’ the whole weekend and singing ‘kum ba yah’ around a campfire.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just can’t really sit still long enough to get through a whole yoga class and my meditation app is set to 1.5 times speed so that I can ‘get it over with’ (yes, the irony is not lost here!)

BUT….when the enigmatic Pauline Nguyen and the invigorating Dr Maria Zuschmann sat me down and explained the concept behind this retreat and what they wanted to include….I knew it was going to be game-changing. For both attendees and the Ziva team members alike.

So what are the benefits of retreating?

  • We get so caught up in the day to day, we often forget to sit back and ‘smell the roses’.
  • If we are not learning, we are dying.
  • Self-development is the key to unlocking greater potential and this in turn leads to next level business growth.
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people allows you to feed off the collective energy of the group for greater breakthroughs.
  • Taking yourself to a beautiful place, surrounded by nature can have powerful effects.
  • Checking out, stepping away from the noise, the chaos, the clutter allows us to come back stronger, re-energised, more determined.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the busier and more overwhelmed we are, the more important it is to take this time out.

If you’ve never been to a retreat before, or more importantly, if you never seem to find the time to remove yourself from the daily grind to think, to reflect and just to ‘be’….then I highly encourage you to do so!

The results are incredible.

Love your work!

Kerry xoxo


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