who are we?

Are you a small business owner struggling to know where to go next? Finding it difficult to stand out from the competition and find your unique voice in the market? 

Then you’re not alone? 

And that is exactly why Pepperpot Marketing was created. To help you – the solopreneurs, the micro business owners and the wanapreneurs understand exactly where you want to go, and how to get there.

Kerry Dover (formerly Kerry Chick)

Kerry Dover (formerly Kerry Chick)

Chief Brand Strategist and Client Happiness Director

I’m originally from the UK but now living on the beautiful South Coast of NSW in Australia. Having worked in the marketing industry for over a decade in both large and small organisations and working on brands including the AFL, NRL and Bigpond as well as events such as the V Festival, when I followed my now-husband away from Sydney and down to the south coast I cried for 2 weeks solid. What was I was going to do as a marketing professional in a town where the average business size is 5 not 500 or 5000!? 

Doing what any self-respecting person struggling to find their dream job would do – I decided to create my own. 

So Pepperpot Marketing was born, a full outsourced marketing management agency for micro businesses. However, very early on, I realised that as much as I wanted to help the small business owners I was taking on as clients to run their marketing for them – there was a vital piece missing. 

Time and time again, I was coming across the same story – completely passionate and committed business owners who were struggling to stand out in the crowd and who were just getting lost in a sea of competition. 

The reason? 

The initial brand strategy framework had not been completed therefore no true brand identity existed leading to confusion, mixed messages and actually creating barriers for customers not to buy. 

The result?

I took a step back and created the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program an accessible, easy to action course guiding you though the essential framework needed to get clarity on your business, your messaging and your market. 

Find out more about the 12 Week Brand Transformation Program here

I now have an avenue through which I can help many more small business owners get real results.  

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