What are you doing on Sat March 16th?

It’s rare in this blog, (Confessions of a Small Business Owner) that I talk about the other business I run – The Momentum Architects (unless you read the last post were I mentioned it in the context of the business turning 6!) but this is going to be too good to keep to myself so in this instance – I’m sharing!

To give you a little context, The Momentum Architects is an education company dedicated to creating positive global change through individual momentum. A lot of the work that my co-founder (Dr Maria Zuschmann) and I do is focused around helping organisations to build strengths-based teams to enhance productivity and performance.

We truly believe that the key to a great life is the alignment of (what we call) life set, stress set and strengths set across work, life and play.

And it is possible!

It all starts with knowing yourself, who you innately are, having an appreciation for those around you and having the tools to be able to use these insights for maximum advantage across all aspects of life.

Now we normally only facilitate this experience in-house at organisations.

BUT…drumroll please

For one day only…

We are bringing the Momentum Life Project experience to the Illawarra.

Sat 16th March

What the Momentum Life Project is all about

  • This will be a day of discovery.
  • This will be a day of life design.
  • This will be a day when you uncover your true, natural talents and learn how to set intention around them in order to become the best possible version of yourself.
  • This will be a day where you get practical and actionable tools to help you enhance your work life, home life and play life.

Check out more info and get your tickets HERE (note: numbers are being kept very small to ensure the best possible experience for everyone and are STRICTLY limited so it’s very much first come, first served).

AND…while you’re waiting for the 16th….

  1. Check out the Momentum Life Project podcast – season 2 is available now on iTunes, Spotify or your Android podcast player of choice.
  2. Connect with us on Instagram – @momentumlifeproject for thinking points, inspiration, podcast releases, and a behind the scenes peek.

Love your work!

Kerry xoxo

Kerry Chick

Kerry Chick

Chief Brand Strategist

Kerry Chick is a stressed out business owner who, in her head runs a super streamlined, beautifully efficient, well-oiled machine of a business. The reality is a little different….here are her confessions!
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